Ethernet switches

JetNet includes various types of unmanaged, managed, PoE and specific switches for the segments such as marine, in-vehicle and power & energy. JetNet switches have ruggedized design to fulfill harsh environment conditions. We aim to provide high quality switches with industrial certificates such as Heavy Industrial, DNV,IEC 61850-3, eMark, ITxPT,EN50155 etc.


Unmanaged DIN-rail

We provide a wide range of industrial unmanaged switches. From different port numbers, port types to certificates for different applications. Our unmanaged switches meet strict industrial standards that can operate stably in harsh environment.

Unmanaged DIN-rail - Non-PoE

Unmanaged DIN-rail - PoE

Managed DIN-rail - Non-PoE

Managed DIN-rail - PoE

Managed rackmount

Industrial managed rackmount switches provide high performance that can quickly transfer large amount data with full Gigabit capability. With our PoE technology, cyber security, cyber redundancy, and the isolated redundant power supplies design, we can ensure high security and high availability for your mission critical data aggregation applications.

Managed rackmount - Non-PoE

Managed rackmount - PoE


The foundation is to provide efficient and vibration proof in-vehicle services. The key of in-vehicle switch is M12 design to overcome the high vibration environment such as on-bus or rolling stock application. With certificates such as eMark or ITxPT or EN50155, in-vehicle switches fulfill the network implementation to enable data transition, location positioning, entertainment service, etc.

Power & energy

We provide different types of switches with IEC 61850-3 & IEEE1613 certificate for power substation. With design with cyber security, cyber redundance and support multiple type packets such as GOOSE, SMV. Users can integrate the switches with IED and SCADA easily.


Marine DNV Ethernet switches are well suited for collecting data to transmitting data in various aspects of marine operations. With the DNV certificate, they are proven protection against harsh EMC, vibration, and temperatures environment onboard. As a result, the switches can be installed in various ship applications to ensure reliable marine network communication.