Webinar - Supercharge your EV business

Level: Introduction
Duration: 25 minutes
Free of charge

Electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity and abundance as we have seen in just the past few years. Building the charging infrastructure globally to handle the surge of EVs on the roads are a high priority in many countries around the world.

OEMs and charge point operators alike require extremely rugged displays and data communication products to maximize the user experience and uptime of their equipment while transmitting their data to and from operation centers rapidly and reliably. With four decades of experience manufacturing rugged HMI panels for extreme outdoor environments along with industrial grade communication products, Beijer Electronics help you meet the challenges of the EV charging infrastructure. 


In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • Overview of the EV market globally
  • Benefits of automating your EV charging hardware with products designed for the needs of the market
  • Beijer Electronics products which complement the rigorous demands of the EV Charging market
  • Customer case
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