Webinar - Improve over-all machine efficiency with smart cloud solution

Level: Introduction
Duration: 30 minutes
Free of charge


Are you looking for smart ways to improve efficiency on new or existing machines, based on your machine data rather than assumptions? The threshold to accelerate to digital has never been lower than now, no matter if it is for existing machines or completely new ones. We offer a hardware and software solution that can bring your data from IOs, PLCs, inverters, etc. to the cloud and give full insights to the over-all efficiency of your machine. Learn how you get hold of data from all parts of your machine, including our IIoT ready X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices, and bring them securely to the cloud and provide precise status information, both in real-time and from historical data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Get data-driven insights from your machines to optimize your processes
  • Take advantage of ready-made Smart Engineering resources for OEE analysis
  • How to lower production costs and track real-time and historical data

Download our OEE calculation example in Smart engineering resources

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