Webinar - Communication systems in public bus transportation

Level: Introduction
Duration: 26 minutes
Free of charge


Public transportation is one of the key infrastructures for smart cities when the world needs to reduce our carbon footprint. We offer robust and reliable data communication solutions to support a growing demand of data communication for the public transport industries, such as onboard passenger information systems and surveillance.


In this webinar we will look at trends in the market for the future of public transportation and look at our technical solutions for buses. We will share some of the common pain points and challenges our customers are facing and how Beijer Electronics can support you. 



In this webinar we will look at:

  • Future trends for public transportation
  • How we can help you in smart bus infrastructure 
  • Common pain points and challenges system integrators are facing 
  • How we can support with our solutions 
  • Some example of use cases  

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