A helping hand whenever you need it

At Beijer Electronics we are well-known for our dedication to our customers. From pre-sales advice, through troubleshooting, ongoing technical support and after-sales service, our team is widely acclaimed for taking a true interest in our customers’ challenges and working to solve them with enthusiasm and commitment.

Here, Patrik Lilje, Global Support Manager and Håkan Jeppson, Support Manager Europe discuss how Beijer Electronics regularly goes the extra mile to help our customers - and how the approach to support exemplifies our overall mission of “Making the complex simple”.


Patrik Lilje, Global Support Manager and Håkan Jeppson, Support Manager Europe.

Can you explain how Beijer Electronics technical support team is set up?

Håkan Jeppson (HJ): My team handles the first line of support. Our engineers respond to phone calls and emails from customers and make sure to take clear ownership of each query. To the greatest extent, we try to manage cases by the same person through the whole process from the beginning to its resolution, so that the customer is managed effectively and only has one point of reference. We have dedicated technical support staff in Europe as well as in the USA and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Patrik Lilje (PL): My team handles second tier support. That usually means questions or issues which cannot be solved by first line support. In these cases, we might need support from our colleagues in R&D or other key areas to help customers get what they need out of our products and technical capabilities. We have support staff globally operating in Europe, USA and in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, our field application engineers are equally committed to provide application support and work closely with our customers to help them implement our products and troubleshoot if needed.

Earlier this year we introduced a new global case management system. This helps us operate across different geographies and time zones more effectively and solve support cases faster. A support engineer can now see a query regardless of where a customer is based. This makes it possible for teams in other regions to seamlessly pick up queries even if it is outside of local office hours.

What kind of tasks are the support teams typically engaged in?

HJ: We handle all sorts of technical support cases which we solve through competent and systematic troubleshooting. And we engage in technical training, field support and technical application support as well. At first line support the cases span from simple “Yes” or “No” answers to other cases which may involve more intensive investigation. In short, we are always excited when we log in each morning!

PL: When a case arrives at second tier support, it is often more complex issues. We analyze the issue, identify the root cause and always try to solve the cases as quickly as possible.

What do you do proactively to help educating customers on Beijer Electronics solutions?

HJ: We often visit customers on site to give advice and troubleshoot. Often members of the support team work directly with sales to provide technical information early in the sales process. This is particularly helpful when we are discussing more advanced technical solutions with clients. We also make support part of an overall package by including service level agreements in client contracts, visiting customers during commissioning periods - or by performing custom tailored training sessions. Quite often customers have special demands and we always try to put material together to meet their needs.

"The support we’ve had from Beijer has been invaluable. The technical team’s wealth of knowledge combined with cutting edge products have allowed to us to be very competitive with our chlorine dioxide system offerings in key markets. Compared to other suppliers we have worked with in the past, Beijer’s quick turnaround on product availability and exceptional technical support have also allowed us to be really responsive to our clients across Europe and the Middle East."

Gary Callachan, Engineering Project Manager, Scotmas Group

What would you say makes Beijer Electronics technical support unique?

PL: By having a good website with a good support section, we are helping the customers help themselves by having the material they need accessible. In the last few years we have invested a lot in video tutorials and other training collateral that has been well received.

We also provide a lot of tailored services. As well as standard, reactive issue resolution, we are committed to improve the overall customer experience. We always go the extra mile, even if that means running customized training programs onsite for specific clients. We will do whatever we can to offer the best possible service.

HJ: I think the main thing is, we go beyond what clients traditionally expect from technical support. Everybody in the organization is dedicated to our customers’ needs. From the switch board operators, through the order administration, the sales and technical teams, the service department and our field application engineers, to the logistics and the warehouses. All contributing daily to give customers the best experience working with us. The whole Beijer family is committed to helping our customers, and I think that is what makes us unique.