Secure technical solutions for infrastructure

Infrastructure and transport play an important part in economic growth, urbanization and globalization. They enable trade, power businesses, connect employees to their jobs and create new opportunities for society. Assets in infrastructure and transportation are increasingly utilizing automation solutions in applications such as bridge traffic control, tunnel ventilation, airport passenger systems, public transportation and signaling systems for rail networks. Applications where our solutions support secure and smart operation, and high availability.


High availability

Obtain high availability and secure operation in installations and networks using solutions with embedded industrial security functions.

Cyber secure

Prevent cyberattacks with our solutions for remote access providing you with cyber secure connectivity to your installations.

Safe monitoring

Securely connect to any supervision, control and data acquisition system (SCADA) through embedded OPC UA connectivity in our hardware.

Redundancy embedded

Minimize downtime through our advanced automation solutions with redundant system capabilities for critical applications.

Infrastructure application

Water and waste water

Integrate and control technical subsystems in a unified, reliable solution through open, proven, standard technologies.


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Infrastructure application


Automate your building operations and optimize energy use through complete control of indoor climate and technical systems.


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Webinars 2020

Webinar - Communication systems in public bus transportation

In this webinar we will look at trends in the market for the future of public transportation and look at our technical solutions for buses. We will share some of the common pain points and challenges our customers are facing and how Beijer Electronics can support you. 


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Products for infrastructure

Nexto Xpress compact controllers

Nexto Xpress compact controllers with embedded IOs are the perfect match for smaller and medium sized control applications. Nexto Xpress is available in four different hardware versions all supported by CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on the market.


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Nexto modular PLCs

Nexto modular PLCs support our product philosophy of open transparent solutions across the entire product range. That means you can apply the same control project to different Beijer Electronics products depending on preferred choice and best match for the application.


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Features of Nexto modular PLCs

Practical design, easy to install and maintain. Modules are designed for operation in critical environments.

Precise diagnostics for systems where downtime is not an option. Redundancy and I/O modules for data traffic flow.

Cyber secure
Fieldbuses and PLCs are protected with embedded security to assure integrity and continuous operation.

Protocols supported: DNP3, IEC61850 (MMS and GOOSE), IEC 104, Modbus RTU/TCP,  SNTP, SNMP and OPC UA.

Remote Terminal Units

The solution for power generation, transmission and distribution: the Hadron Xtorm - designed to conform to international standards such as the IEC 61850 and IEC 61131-3, promoting a revolutionary innovation in applications of this segment.


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Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

Beijer Electronics presented us with a detailed system plan. And by basing our plans on this, we saved a lot of time.

Mats Karlsson, Project Panager at Aventi Technology

Complete solution gives Jarlsberg tunnel the necessary safety

Safety levels in the Jarlsberg tunnel on the Norwegian Vestfold line are high. A redundant system based on an architecture using proven and tested products from Beijer Electronics is used to manage and monitor the electricity supply and safety functions in the 1,750 meter long tunnel.


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A good start to the trip from Gardermoen

The second largest airport in the Nordic region uses Beijer Electronics’ HMIs to secure the check-in of passenger baggage. Ease-of-use combined with a supplier partnership with long-term prospects proved to be decisive.


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Robust solution ensures technology and traffic in the City Tunnel

The City Tunnel in Malmoe, Sweden, connects the railroad north of Malmoe with the railroad towards Trelleborg, Ystad and Copenhagen, a 17 km long rail link under central Malmoe. An advanced automation and data communications solutions the high level of availability and security required.


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